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On the following page you will find a guide to the tings you need to do when you move to a new country and/or a new city:


Entry into Austria

Information on and assistance with entry into Austria can also be found on the Webpages of the Human Resources and Gender Equality Service unit:

General Information on Alien law and the employment of foreigners can be found here:

The competent authority in Vienna is the Municipal Department (MA35) for Immigration, Citizenship and Registry Office.

Administrative issues when commencing work

Which information and documents does Human Resources Administration need from you?

In the course of your application for a professorship and in preparation for your appointment negotiations, you have already provided various documents and certificates such as personal details and your academic career, and you have completed the personal information form.

Therefore Human Resources Administration only needs you to provide the following:


  • information on any data that has changed (e.g. your new address after moving to Austria; please send notice of this by e-mail, letter or residence registration form (Meldezettel))
  • Austrian bank account details for the payment of your salary and


 If any information is missing, the person from Human Resources Administration
Human Resources Administration responsible for your faculty/centre will contact you.

What do you need for setting up your computer workstation?

First, please contact the person responsible for IT in your department or faculty/centre to provide you with the equipment for your computer workstation (this includes queries about specific software, etc.).





Social insurance

Social insurance in Austria includes health insurance (illness, incapacity for work and meternity), accident insurance, pension insurance and unemployment insurance.

As an employee at the University of Vienna you are socailly insured with the "Versicherunganstalt öffentlich Bediensteter" (BVA; Austrian insurance fund for civil or public servants).

On taking up your post at the University of Vienna, your employer will automatically send notification to the BVA which then results in insurance being set up with immediate effect. A social security number and an e-card are sent to you by mail.

To insure your partner or children (should your partner nto work and if your children are under 18 or not in work), you can apply for co-insurance using the following form which would be sent to wien.leistung@bva.at or by mail to an Josefstädterstr. 80, 1080 Vienna, Austria.

You can obtain information on pension insurance from the "Pensionsversicherungsanstalt" (PVA; Austrian Pension insurance Institution).


When you come to Austria but your family is still living in another country, there is the option of receiving a dual household support payment.

  • Dual household support payment

If you are already living in Austria with your family, you can apply for family allowance. This is not dependent on salary and is paid separately.


The Professors´Appointment Consulting Service central support unit at the University of Vienna provides a Special accommodation Service.

Vienna has a large variety of residential properties. You can choose between renting and buying, and there are properties in a wide rage of price brackets.

Here are some initial insights into the general parameters pertaining to rental properties in Vienna/Austria:

  • Electricity and heating costs are usually paid for and registered separately.
  • It is standard practice to pay a deposit of between three and six months´rent for rental properties.
  • If you rent a property via an agend, you will pay a commission equal to two months´rent.
  • Properties are generally unfurnished.

You have an obligation to register your new address within three days of moving into the property.

Depending on your electricity and heating requirements, you can choose Independent suppliers - further information is available here:

It is recommended that you take out a home contents insurance policy - this is, however, not mandatory - further Details are available here:

Becoming familiar with Vienna and getting around

A city map of Vienna can be found here:

Public Transport Information can be found here:

Getting around Vienna by car:




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