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Working as a university professor

This is where you can find details of the basic conditions for your work as a university professor:

Working hours

  • The usual contract is for 40 hours per week.
  • Employees have to undertake extra hours or overtime as required.
  • A part-time appointment is possible and permits simultaneous employment at another university in the same location, at an external research institution or more intensive involvement with external projects.

Absence from work

  • If you are unable to attend for work as a university professor because of illness or accident or any other important personal reasons, the head of the organisational unit which acts as the employer’s representative must be informed immediately.
  • If you are prevented from working for more than three days due to illness or accident, confirmation of this must be provided by a doctor contracted by the relevant health insurance provider or a public health officer (Amtsarzt). The employer can also request this confirmation at an earlier stage.


  • At the University of Vienna, every 9th semester is set aside as a research semester for conducting academic projects, as long as a suitable research project is submitted.
  • In exceptional cases and where there is good reason, the research semester may be brought forward with the agreement of the dean or the head of the centre.
    A sabbatical leave for one semester will only be granted if this does not disrupt teaching.

Teaching load

  • On the basis of a proposal from the director of studies and after your hearing, the dean or the head of the centre will entrust you with the independent running of courses with a teaching load of up to eight hours per week per semester.

Authorisation to teach at university level

  • On conclusion of the employment contract with the University of Vienna, you acquire the authorisation to teach (venia docendi) the subject in which you were appointed.
  • If your employment is for a fixed term, the authorisation to teach expires when your employment terminates. This does not affect any authorisation to teach that was acquired at an earlier stage.

Secondary employment

  • As a university professor, you are obliged to notify your employer immediately of any intended paid secondary employment and any significant amendment to this. You must also notify your employer of any work on the management board, supervisory board or administrative board of a profit-making legal entity.
  • Secondary employment which has a negative impact on your ability to fulfil your contractual duties, which elicits an assumption of bias or which puts any key interests of the University of Vienna at risk is to be avoided.

Annual leave

  • University professors are entitled to 30 working days of annual leave.
  • In consideration of the University of Vienna’s obligations to its students, annual leave should essentially be taken in periods when there are no classes (Christmas, Easter and summer holidays and semester breaks).

Duty of confidentiality

  • University professors must maintain strict confidentiality in all business affairs and all details originating from their duties and which the employer has an official interest in keeping confidential.
    The duty of confidentiality continues after the termination of employment.

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